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100 Club 2024
We are pleased to announce the launch of the Kelsall Wellbeing Hub 100 Club which will help to financially support the activities and services that we provide to the local community.

MONTHLY PRIZES OF £100 and £50

PRIZES OF £500 at Christmas

Please consider becoming a member and supporting your local charity.

                 THE RULES OF THE 100 CLUB

  • Membership is limited to 100 numbers

  • The annual membership fee is £100 which buys one number that will be entered into 12 monthly draws.

  • A member may buy more than one number without limit.

  • 40% of the annual subscription will be paid out as prizes.  Each month there will be one prize of £100 and three prizes of £50.  In December there will be two extra draws for prizes of £500 each.

  • For an additional £25 per year members will be entitled to two beverages and two sweet treats in the Hub every month.

  • Draws will commence as soon as 100 numbers have been bought.

  • The Club will be registered with the Local Authority and draws will be witnessed by two trustees.

  • The annual fee can be paid as a lump sum or by 10 monthly payments of £10 by Direct Debit or Standing Order.

  • Prizes will be paid by bank transfer or cheque if preferred

  • We retain the right to launch more than one separate 100 Clubs if warranted by demand.

Your support is invaluable to the Hub in many ways whether it's through volunteering your time, contributing resources, or simply spreading the word about our initiatives, every little helps.

Hub 2024 exterior.JPG

Welcome to our Hub Garden! Sit outside and enjoy a relaxing coffee while chatting with friends. Take in the beautiful garden maintained by our team of volunteers. It's the perfect spot to unwind

Baby Massage March 2024 (1).jpg

Baby yoga is a calming practice that involves gentle movements and stretches with your baby. It promotes bonding and relaxation for both parent and child.

Knit 'n Natter.jpg

Join us for one of daily activities, this one is Knit 'n Natter: knitting, crafting, and chatting. Bring your project, and have a coffee with us. It's relaxed, friendly, and all skill levels are welcome. Come for the creativity, stay for the friendship

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