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As part of the planning process for Kelsall’s new Medical Centre the doctors recognised that, as demands on the NHS and Social Care increase due to an aging population and rising costs, more is needed in our communities to improve health and wellbeing. They recommended that a dedicated space for community activities be included in the new building but, when no further central NHS funding was forthcoming, asked the Patient Participation Group (PPG) to help.


Taking up this challenge in late 2018 the PPG commenced a series of fund-raising activities, including the issue of community bonds, which successfully raised the £130,000 required to allow construction of an annexe, now known as The Wellbeing Hub, to commence earlier this year. Further fund raising and grant applications are now on-going to furnish and equip the room and adjacent outside space set to open to the community in late 2022

Our Mission

Our Mission

To help people live longer, healthier, happier lives

Our Vision

To see Kelsall and its surrounding villages grow to be a strong, cohesive, resilient community and an outstanding place in which to:

  • Grow Up

  • Bring Up Children

  • Live happy and healthy lives

  • Grow old

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