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Our Activities

All of our activities are supported by our amazing volunteers who have been trained to chat, to serve and to assist.

If the Hub is open, everyone is welcome!

Knit & Natter
Mondays 10-12

Knit, crochet or sew. Join our ever expanding group of 'crafters'.




Current classes will end on February 16th 2024.

Qigong is known as ‘the mother of Tai Chi and is practised for health, wellbeing and longevity. Qigong movements are easy to follow and are accessible for everyone.

Practising Qigong can be integrated into an overall approach to wellbeing helping with issues associated with common conditions such as: mobility; flexibility; and emotional wellbeing. Participants are guided through a set of flowing physical movements. By coordinating one's breath with the gentle rhythm of the movements one begins to experience the body and mind working in harmony. Tension is released and natural positive energy can flow more freely- increasing vitality, resilience, and capacity for healing.


Tuesday 11-12
come and join in the fun and try and get a full house

Memory Art Class
Tuesday 2-3

a gentle, guided session for people with memory loss or dementia to express themselves through art and crafts, café available for their carers.


Suicide Bereavement Support Group
1st Tuesday each month 6-7.30
A closed session that offers support or a listening ear for those in need. For more details contact: Monica on or 07955 073024.

Singing for Fun.jpeg

Singing for Fun is back!
November 1st - December 13th

Get Together Thursday
Thursday 10 -12
Thursday mornings are buzzing in the Hub when volunteers are on hand to chat, play board games and serve delicious refreshments.

Italian flag.jpg

Italian for Beginners
Taking bookings now for 2024!
Booking ahead required.

or call 07498 482444


Brain Yoga
Friday 11 -12 
The Hub's equivalent to University Challenge! A great, weekly General Knowledge quiz run by Social Prescriber Esta.

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